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Avishekk Naiya

Fashion Designer & Makeup Artist
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A sudden walk into the magical world of a new Fashion house and you are bewildered with the unique patterns in textiles, marvelous colour combination and stunning designs which is at the very same time traditional yet contemporary, ethnic yet occidental.

That’s the wizardry of AVISHEK NAIYA an upcoming Fashion designing artist. His unique concept is to merge the ‘design’ and ‘art’ instead of the common practice of designing and manufacturing clothes following a certain trend, thereby giving “market demands” a precedence over “art”. This comes so naturally to the young entrepreneur who not only has the highest awards and honors up his sleeves specialized in Textile design from Government College of art and craft, Kolkata but also is an accomplished classical dancer and musician. Some of his important achievements during his academic curriculum are Governor’s Award in 2016, Scholarship winner in 2015 and selected as an “Outstanding Achiever” through 2010-15.

To quote Avishek - “Starting with career in 2012, I have strived to bridge these concepts of ‘design and art’. The subsequent creations have resulted in the manifestation of my vision, which I derive form Mother Nature. Since earliest existence of human in this planet, Nature has been responsible in preserving our forward march by ‘Giving order to chaos’ which is the tagline for my creations. Fabrics and materials come together in my workshop not only to design and manufacture clothes; they are created to tell stories that are worn to leave behind an impression”.

And that’s exactly what he does - weaving, dyeing, printing, cutting, stitching and sometimes painting, each step is carried out in his own workshop under the artist’s supervision as well as his active participation so that all together these can create a theme, tell a story, enliven a thought on the large canvas called “Fashion Designing”. His creative collection – each a masterpiece, reflects Hindu spiritualism of Salvation, Tantricism and the Chakras or the mysticism around Kulakundalini. He largely draws on the traditional folk art and rituals, and above all the Mother Nature with its kaleidoscopic dimension. His textiles do not merely intimate Nature but where it is brought directly into making of dyes as well as using elements like figs and leaves to imprint on clothes to give shape to his “Innovative Impressions”. The natural tie and dye process in vibes with the Japanese Shibori technique which becomes a signature creation of Avishek Naiya. His passion is to explore the world of our traditional weaving technique thus involving our Jamdani, Benarasi weavers, the skilled zari and zardosi craftsmen making khadi, muslin, tussar, matka and other handspun fabric his main materials to curve out his dream designing.

A much sought after name in films and television serials for the industry of periodic costume making or customized costume making Avishek maintains that “even when designing clothes to serve the purpose of lighting and camera my creations also provide ground for experimentation, to which the featured creations serve as testimonials. This characters in films will not only be wearing a mere piece of designed textile fashioned to suit the need of the respective characters, they will be adorning the story of each characters”.

There is something unique regarding the threaded treasure throne of Avishek Naiya. His collection besides giving an overall impression of soothing harmony which eloquently utters a story and holds back the breath of the beholder it clearly gives an aesthetic feeling of a woven poetry animated with a synchronized rhythm and music and this is where the creation dwell apart and the Ariste Designer Avishek Naiya.

Starting with career in 2012, I have strived to bridge these concepts of ‘design and art’
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